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The Pelion is probably the last paradise in Greece and for sure the last in the Mediterranean Sea. On this pemisula one can experience a traditional lifestyle free of mass tourism and the negative aspects coming along with it. In fact there is an impressively preserved infrastructure with beautiful villages, picturesque beaches, nice restaurants, and very kind people!

This all leads to the fact that HERE, a dream at the Mediterranean Sea is still possible in contrast to almost all other regions of South Europe. The real estate market is offering real estate with views to the sea, close to it, or even waterfront properties at considerably low prices you actually cannot find anymore.

You need a strong and reliable service provider to let your dreams come true:

PELIONESTATES© is doing this successfully for more than 10 years. You can lean back, relax and enjoy your vacation, while our network of professionals ensures that your plans and dreams come true. Be it BUYING, CONSTRUCTION, REMODELING, RENTAL, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT @ best quality, 100% reliable, and solely acting for your interests.

If you are just looking for a rental home down here, we can offer you some specialties or help you find what meets your needs.

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